A NUMBER of people have said to me that they look out for letters from me in the Ledbury Reporter.

Half the time I think they’re serious and the other half of the time, just taking the mickey.

The reason I write letters to the Reporter is so that local issues I have a strong opinion on get some ‘air-time’.

I was pleased to read that in recent editions I have elicited several responses too.

I was also encouraged by Wg Cmdr Don Rule’s letter recently where he said he was pleased that Ledbury people were putting pen to paper to write letters.

There can be times when there isn’t a single letter from a Ledbury resident for weeks.

I would urge anyone to write in about things they feel passionate about, or where they have an opinion that they want to share. My top tip is to always keep your letter to a single subject and try to be unbiased and not subjective.