IT is difficult to know where to start when writing about the behaviour of the majority group on Malvern Hills District Council, but I will try.

Last Tueday evening they clearly and single-mindedly continued forcing through the establishment of a joint chief executive with Wychavon.

They might argue that there are financial advantages in so doing, and so they are justified in ignoring the council's constitution and dismissing a legal opinion that inconveniently advises them against their course of action.

Equally, a detached observer might say that democracy should involve rational debate and constructive dialogue; two features that were sadly missing from the ruling group's behaviour.

Sneering at the opposition group does not take away the force of their arguments.

I am appalled by the arrogance of the present administration, and I hope sincerely that the electors will heed this and other correspondence on the subject and next May elect a council that is flexible, forward looking and responsive.

All the qualities that are now so transparently absent.

Francis Whiston