IS it me? Am I just nit-picking or has anyone else noticed the way the parking is at Morrison's?

There are five disabled parking spaces near the main entrance while the rest are at the farthest end of the store, and there are 16 parent-and-child spaces within easy reach of the main door.

It is very distressing and aggravating for me to see some disabled people struggling with their trolleys to reach their cars while at the same time I'm watching younger and able-bodied people parking their cars in the allotted areas without a child and running into the store.

I sent an email to Morrison's head office a fair while ago complaining of this, only to be told it is because of the busy road (what are they talking about?).

I notice that Morrison's now have cameras to make sure no one parks any longer than they should. Well, wouldn't it be a good idea to point them in these areas and understand why I'm complaining?

PS. I am not disabled, nor am I a young parent.

Denise Melville