INDEED, the Scouts were dismayed at the theft of the tow hitch from our trailer.

Over the years it has been an invaluable piece of equipment for transporting camping kit.

Its loss threatened the upcoming Cub camp and later the Scouts annual camp.

The response to your report last week has been nothing short of miraculous.

We have had many offers of trailers for loan, donations and support from readers that have overwhelmed us with their generosity.

In particular Brookhire, who have stepped in to loan us a trailer for the Cubs to use.

May I use your publication to personally thank everyone who has offered support to the 7th Malvern Scouts and reassure them their offers are valued greatly.

One way or another we will recover from this loss, and we are determined to remain as active as ever.

Dick Brocklehurst

Group chairman 7th Malvern Scouts