WE understand the lovely bronze statue currently located in the Bistro at Malvern Theatres is to be moved to a more prominent position, which is to be commended.

What we find difficult is that it is to be covered in glass, why?

This morning people were touching it and commenting how tactile it is, and I was told that the touching is what gives it the patina.

Surely it is almost impossible for it to be damaged inside the theatre and will lose much of its charm if covered?

There is a bronze statue of Margot Fonteyn in the entrance to the Royal Ballet School which has been there for many years and it is a tradition that all the girls touch her finger for luck as they go past.

Generations of dancers have done so and it has come to no harm, so why cannot this statue be left uncovered for the people of Malvern (who own it) to enjoy?

Roger and Alison Holder