I write in support of Cllr Sheila Young's letter concerning the sale of The Grange.

The building is a very important asset for Malvern, and continued community use is strongly supported by the public.

Its use until its recent closure has clearly demonstrated the benefits of having such a community resource in this location, and there are tremendous opportunities to develop the property for a wide range of community purposes for the future.

The mean-spirited attitude demonstrated by Malvern Hills District Council hitherto in not accepting Malvern Civic Society's original nomination for designating The Grange as a community asset has been widely commented upon.

To test whether the council has a genuine commitment to the principles of localism, therefore, a nomination has been re-submitted, appending our original one made by letter to the council's form.

It is hoped that the council will now speedily proceed with its listing and, as owners of the property, will also now engage seriously and earnestly with Malvern Civic Society in efforts to produce an acceptable bid which will enable the community to take over responsibility for The Grange.

Clive Hooper


Malvern Civic Society