LAST week Malvern Hills District Council considered whether it should share its chief executive with Wychavon, and showed itself to be deeply divided on the issue.

The vote was tied, the proposal being carried only when the chairman cast his vote a second time.

The administration brought before us just a single proposal – and point blank refusal to consider any of the other options open to our council.

My group brought forward for consideration a model that would see council and its leader responsible for setting the strategic direction of council, while making significant cost savings.

Cllr David Hughes rejected this as being unsuitable for our council as it required "strong political leadership". He and his group have therefore opted for a model that in all likelihood will see us cede control of services to Wychavon.

If the voters in May choose to replace the current political leadership with a fresh one in which I and like-minded colleagues are involved, we will most certainly reverse this decision to allow us councillors to consider all the options, and to make the best possible choice for our district.

Julian D Roskams

Democratic Group

Malvern Hills District Council