MALVERN Wells has two major developments waiting for determination.

Both plans are off the Hanley Road in Upper Welland, and both are part of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Local opposition is strong. Dr Louise Gibson reminded us of this (Letters, June 6) in her reminder to Malvern Hills District Council's Conservative administration of David Cameron's promises.

The parish council has put forward very clear and convincing objections to both applications.

Both applications have passed the expected decision date. The plans for 112 houses have been waiting since November of last year, while Cala's 43 houses is three weeks overdue. Why the delays?

Seven years of planning mismanagement by the Conservative administration make for a depressing saga. The next chapter will come in October when special measures will take away local control of decisions like these.

Are the developers waiting until the decision is in the hands of remote government employees?

The evidence is clearly weighted against these plans. There's no reason to wait any longer to reject them.

Make the decision and let people in Malvern Wells get on with their lives.

Simon W Gill

Malvern Wells