THE courageous and principled resignation of Councillor Jill Campbell from Malvern Hills District Council's ruling Tory group was a joy to behold, and so unexpected.

Cllr Paul Swinburn, the council’s deputy leader, said: “We regret Cllr Campbell’s resignation, but it will have no effect on the implementation of the council’s policies.”.

Well shame on you. Cllr Campbell speaks on behalf of the electorate and you just slapped us all across the face with that contemptibly dismissive and arrogant comment.

Contrast her position of honour with the contemptuous conspiratorial plotting of the leadership.

Councillor Campbell's resignation has exposed the burglars who are stealing democracy from the council chamber.

Good democracy is not necessarily measured or evidenced by councillors' right or wrong decisions, but by the courage of the leadership to leave the door ajar, invite open discussion, and genuinely listen.

Martin Lawrence

Malvern town councillor