BRITTEN Drive in the Poolbrook area is an island where BT Infinity fibre optic broadband has yet to arrive.

According to the BT search engine it is surrounded on all sides by an Infinity-available area.

Indeed, the nearest household where Infinity is said to be available by the search engine is sited at the entrance to Britten Drive.

I could understand the situation if we were miles from civilisation but that is not the case.

Requests to BT have resulted in no relevant information, only offers to sell me an updated version of my existing broadband package.

Can anyone, including the Gazette which has done such a good job in encouraging BT to install fibre broadband in Malvern and its surrounding area, offer advice as to who I can contact in an effort to remedy this situation, or at least understand it.

Advice and help would be much appreciated.

D C Hall