Your story describing the field off Hayslan Road as Malvern's green lung (a phrase I have never once before heard used in describing this undistinguished field!) seems to see Malvern as some kind of large industrialised city full of dark satanic mills and smoking factory chimneys which needs to protect every square inch of green space.

In fact, Malvern is a pleasant small town with gardens, trees, parks and 3,000 acres of land legally protected and managed by the Conservators, and no one in Malvern lives less than half a mile from green spaces on the commons, hills or surrounding countryside.

It may be convenient for dog owners to use land which doesn't belong to them as a walking area, but we need more houses in Malvern and this flat central field is ideal.

Moreover, grass areas such as this former playing field are not, as is implied in the article, a haven for wildlife. Gardens with their variety of shrubs, flowers, small trees and hedges provide a much more attractive habitat.

Barwood's plans for the site seem to improve the area rather than destroy it and they do maintain public access to green space.

Mr Tilley and the Civic Society certainly have a valuable role to play in advising on the design and layout of such small developments in order to maintain the appearance of our town, but should not oppose all housing projects.

Pam Stanier

Malvern Wells