MOST people in Ledbury realise that today a market town economy is a finely-balanced thing.

Yvonne White (Letters, April 11) may not understand it because her own piggy bank is not actually rattling.

All of our successful businesses whether they operate in the field of tourism, manufacturing, farming, retailing, hospitality or the service industries pay taxes and contribute to the wellbeing of all Ledburians, to say nothing of their contribution to the quality of life here.

When any of these businesses fail we are all the poorer. That truth applies to all market towns in our county in particular because they additionally provide a framework of support for all the smaller often family-owned food and drink producers in the surrounding countryside. We can ill-afford to lose even one enterprise.

Philip White (Letters, April 11) may care to ponder on that too.

The depressingly well-documented fact is that gigantic superstores on the outskirts or in the centre of small towns destroy far more jobs than they promise in their questionable planning applications.

If he doesn’t know where to find the evidence there are plenty of people in Ledbury, Leominster, Bromyard and in hundreds of locations throughout the UK who would be pleased to point him in the right direction.

Mary Baxter