I EMAILED the Malvern Hub on Friday and again twice yesterday another failed refuse collection last Friday.

The only response has been computer generated.

My refuse has been missed at least nine times since December. It is currently being scattered by birds and animals across the common outside my house from where it is collected, a health hazard and a real mess. I have re-bagged it twice already since Friday; I will not do so again.

A letter to the chief executive went unanswered in January.

The manager of the refuse teams assured me in January that he would fix the problem, which started after the rest of our round switched to wheelie bins and our collection transferred to a small open truck due to access to our house.

The day of collection was changed, but of course the two houses affected were not informed.

The hub operators have promised to get a solution but all has failed.

What must a council taxpayer do to get a refuse service?

I noted the recent letter of congratulations in the Gazette following a swift response to a missed collection, so this email is copied to the paper to paint the other disgraceful side of the story and the ineptitude of Malvern Hills District Council when it comes to resolving the problem.

Perhaps some publicity might stir some action.

Gordon Herbert