I WORKED in housing and local government for 43 years until I retired to Malvern in 2012.

Having followed the local housing development saga in your columns since then, can I make the following comments on the invitation by Malvern Hills District Council to suggest places for building?

Worcestershire's councils could opt to build a number of huge high-density developments near the four local M5 and M50 motorway junctions.

These would presumably attract a minimum of local opposition, and reduce environmental and traffic congestion impacts. Of course, it wouldn’t be ideal but it would be an easy option.

Alternatively they could come up with a well thought- out plan which would involve the rational expansion of existing settlements like Malvern, and even perhaps the promotion of a new town/garden city.

This would be the best option and would include the required balance of market and affordable housing of various types, tenures and sizes.

Of course, it would involve considerable work by planners and housing officials and would require local councillors to face down the inevitable opposition of some local people affected.

But then I always thought that was what those people were paid or elected to do – or am I missing something here?

Steve Smart

Great Malvern