I was very interested to read the article in the Ledbury Reporter (March 14) with regard to the lack of letters from Ledbury residents, and sadly it's quite true.

One of the points you made, which I think is very relevant, is that people who want to express their views feel it's a waste of time as it won't be printed.

I speak for myself when I say that I have written four or five times and have all of my letters printed.

I do feel guilty at not having made my comments about the ongoing problems concerning the library.

I wonder if the powers that be have considered that for a lot of elderly people, of which there are many in Ledbury, reading is one of the few pleasures that they have, myself included. Take that away and what is there left for we who can't get about to any great degree.

By all means cut the opening hours down, but do keep the library running, otherwise why on earth has all this money been spent on the Masters House if all it is going to be is some expensive offices and a curio for visitors?

Stella Herbert