It is disturbing the number of people seen behaving suspiciously in Malvern and where the police ask for further information.

A year or so ago a young man was seen sitting on the grass in Fruitlands and talking into a mobile phone. I have yet to see any follow up to these stories. Was further information supplied? Was the man identified and arrested?

Anyway, as regards last week's (March 14) paper, I believe I can supply further information.

The man behaving suspiciously was offering to wash cars. A detailed description of the man was given.

The next day a man who exactly matched the description had knocked on the door of our house. In exchange for £5 and a cup of tea he did a good job of cleaning the car.

In fact, we had seen him before and agreed that he should come regularly.

So perhaps other cases reported in yesterday’s paper are equally innocent: the man with the pole perhaps was a window cleaner; the group of youths were perhaps simply that.

Richard Winterton

Malvern Wells