WhileI would like to thank the Malvern Gazette for publishing the article "Call off the badger cull, say petitioners" in last week's paper, as part of the group who have been out petitioning against the Government's cull I would like to correct a few of the points made.

Firstly, the 1,500 letters of support which we supposedly received last year for MP Harriett Baldwin were actually postcards to Oliver Letwin MP at the Cabinet Office in Whitehall.

Secondly, the paragraph referring to several badger culls having been called off in recent months, if not referring to the trials in Gloucestershire and Somerset, is not true and did not originate from our meeting with the reporter.

Lastly, Green Hill shop where people can sign a paper petition is actually Greenlink Organic Foods in Great Malvern.

I am sure readers will be pleased to know that we have nearly reached the number of signatures required for the district council's petition to be discussed at a meeting, despite Morrison's supermarket not allowing us to petition on their land.

Ruthie McNally