The start point for the cable car to the Worcestershire Beacon has to be Priory Park.

The report by High Street Malvern says: “The district council makes considerable effort to promote Malvern, but lacks any ‘silver bullet’ to galvanise the local economy.”

So why not level the Council House to provide parking?

Further parking could be gained by filling in Swan Pool with the Council House rubble and erecting the bottom station and visitor centre there (by rubble I mean the bricks and not the councillors).

Refreshment provision at the Beacon end would be a large McDonald’s. The massive McDonald’s M when illuminated would be seen for miles across the two counties during the hours of darkness, attracting hundreds who might think the Big M represented Malvern.

Electric power for the cable cars would be supplied by a string of wind turbines stretching the length of the hills.

Oh, yes, the councillors would need rehousing, so how about a large marquee in the middle of Castlemorton Common?

But we couldn’t have that could we? It would be a blot on the landscape!

Brian Smith