Recent letters have reflected the frustration of many residents over the South West Development Plan (SWDP).

This has been compounded by the open season in Malvern Hills due to the lack of a five-year land supply of deliverable planning approvals.

The most recent version of the SWDP indicated Malvern Hills District has to accommodate more than 3,000 homes for the Worcester overspill in addition to its own requirement of about 5,000 homes.

The irony of the present position is that Worcester as I understand it, has at least a five-year land supply and is not subject to the opportunist planning applications.

In March the inspector is going to review comments on the need to increase housing numbers and this is thought to be of the order of at least further 4,000 for the whole SWDP area.

Is it not time that the leadership of Malvern Hills re-negotiated its position on accommodating the overspill from Worcester together with all the pressure this puts on local infrastructure.

Clearly, this is a personal view not a reflection of current council “policy”... and probably an example of hope over experience!

Paul Tuthill

Councillor for Malvern Link