I could not believe it on Friday when it was announced that the Chase School was closed for the day due to the floods.

I don't recall too many floods in Malvern on that day. Worcester ,yes, Upton, yes, but Malvern, no.

I am sure the pupils and staff were happy to get an extra day tagged on to their half-term break, but what sort of example is the headmaster setting?

To me it shows that at the first sign of adversity we give up and take the easy option. No wonder we seem to be breeding a nation of quitters.

Those of us who needed to get over the river last week to reach our employment either set off earlier or took an extended detour.

It was difficult and frustrating, but we coped. Perhaps it is down to the mentality of those of a certain age who went to schools that stayed open no matter what.

P Williams

Malvern Link