If ever there was a reason for the Malvern public to get behind a campaign for a third road crossing of the Severn, then having once again been stuck in traffic on the A449 is one of them.

In 2000, 2007 and now 2014 the A449 and river crossings have been paralysed.

There is an equivalent paralysis taking place in the council houses of Worcester City Council and Worcestershire County Council, who have abdicated any responsibility for long-term strategic traffic planning.

It is hardly surprising then to read in the latest submission documents to the South Worcestershire Development Plan inspector that Worcester has the lowest prospect for employment growth of any of the six Worcestershire authorities while Malvern is best placed.

This advantage to Malvern will slip away if the river cannot be readily crossed by a third route across the river.

Maurice Wedd

Lower Broadheath,