I unfortunately am not a member of the legal profession and am writing to see if any of readers know of how the electorate of Malvern Hills District Council can go about bringing forward a motion of no confidence in the leader, deputy leader, and chief executive, so at last we could have our say in how our council is run?

Every week I feel totally let down by these three individuals who represent us, the people of Malvern.

I won't go into wheelie bins, but what a complete undemocratic shambles.

Councillor David Hughes [the leader] said if other councillors accepted the South Worcestershire Development Plan (second time around) it would stop developer-led construction.

But what has happened? Developer and landowner-led construction has ensued!

Come on, residents of Malvern. Let's pull together and restore democracy and transparency, before the leaders and executive of our council destroy our town any further for future generations.

We need to act now before it is too late.

Paul Brightly

Malvern Wells