THE widening of the A4440 is a planning disaster.

I grew up in the early 60s with the M5 having to be widened to three lanes before it was even completed! I then saw Carrington bridge not being planned wide enough for future dualling. More distantly, at last after 25 years of traffic chaos the M6 is getting a flyover to the A14.

As a nation we have this inability to plan infrastructure to meet future needs – and here we ago again.

Worcester City Council has announced a ‘charm offensive’ for more Government money for a wider bridge. They should be fighting tooth and nail to find the money to finally do the job correctly and widen the bridge now, otherwise we still have a bottleneck and these plans solve nothing.

We should be getting the investment to resolve 25 years of misery and 45 minutes or more to travel a mere eight miles from Malvern to the M5.

Malvern Hills District Council constantly approves more housing and the infrastructure cannot cope. I am just amazed we do not have more public anger at this latest cop-out.

Are we all so punch drunk that we accept these inadequate proposals?