I JUST wish to comment on the article in the Gazette on January 10.

I live in Collets Green Road and I was devastated to discover that planning permission has been passed to develop 39 homes in Sparrow Hall Lane. This will have a huge detrimental effect on the people living in this area.

What is, at present, a quiet semi-rural location will be so no more and the value of current properties within this vicinity will no doubt fall!

It is a completely impractical area to develop this many homes, this is just typical behaviour of greedy developers trying to make as much money as possible without any due consideration for others.

I feel it is now a very sad world that we live in.

Green belts no longer protect the land that surrounds us and all the councillors seem to care about is meeting targets.

Councillors have little or no respect and consideration for the lives of the people their decisions will impact upon.

In fact, I would say they make the decisions without even really knowing the areas they pass planning on.

People’s opinions count for nothing anymore and our voices are just ignored.

I just wonder when the building will stop, a line has to be drawn somewhere before we have no countryside left at all!