MY wife and I walk our dogs from the old road into Upton across the sports field and back almost every day including weekends. We meet many other dog walkers and we all without exception pick up after our dogs. Anyone can see from the amount in the waste bins that the few that do not pick are a very small minority, probably one or two per cent.

On our way we also pick up quantities of discarded cans, broken bottles, food containers etc, mostly around and on the tables and playground near the town – right by the litter bins.

After sports events and practices we pick up similar items plus coffee cups orange peel, crisp packets etc. which are left along the touchlines and also around the pavilion.

Another couple clear the verges in the old road every week. Many others also pick up some litter. We cannot do it all but we do what we can.

On one occasion we returned the penguin litter bin and its concrete base to its proper place after it had been uprooted and moved across the children’s playground.

If Upton Council intends to ban dog walkers then they should also ban the litter louts.

There is a public footpath from the old road to the New Street car park.

The derelict picnic tables by the pavilion set a poor standard.

We doubt that a ban will make any difference unless a very high indestructible fence is erected around the perimeter of the fields.