I REFER to the letter from the chairman of Malvern Hills District Council, Paul Tuthill, in the February 8 edition of the Malvern Gazette.

Despite no direct communication from him on this matter, he seems determined to drag out his misconceptions through the press.

The earlier South Worcestershire Development Plan vote through council was prior to the final publication of the plan and therefore could not be held safe.

In fact, recommendations from the Council Policy Group at that meeting were fed through to the SWDP process and some included in the final recommendations.

He is correct that the whip is not used in specific planning application matters. However, in strategic and spatial planning policy matters he is not correct. It was the Conservative group who voted on the imposition of a whip, not just me as leader.

However, the whip is a statement to members of the importance of a vote and requests their support.

It is for them to decide.

I understand the plan is not popular with everyone, but it is the only mechanism we have to control the rush of planning applications.

Members now need to put their efforts behind making best use of the opportunity the plan givesMalvern Hills.

In respecting the decision now taken by council, the chairman should be expected to take a lead.


Leader of the council