FOLLOWING receipt of a letter from Malvern Hills District Council informing me that wheelie bins would be distributed in May, I was all set to assume that the barbarians had won.

Instead, upon reading the article in this weeks Gazette I see that chaos reigns in the halls of power.

I am pleased that at least one councillor shares my view that the whole thing has been officer led from the beginning. The letter from the council was a masterpiece that would have made ‘Sir Humphrey’ proud.

It stated that the project was going ahead following a consultation with the public that produced a positive result.

I do not recall being asked for my views! I understand that said consultation cost around £16,000, judging by the ‘anti’ letters to the Gazette, The council’s officers could have got a result for nothing.

I understand that 80 per cent of homes are considered suitable to have wheelie bins. Was this based on a survey, if so, who carried it out and when?

This whole fiasco is typical of government, and extends from local levels up to the pronouncements of the EU, where decisions are made by unelected officials and rubber stamped by politicians.