I WRITE in response to Mr T Shenton’s letter in the Malvern Gazette on Friday, February 1.

I was in two minds if or not to bother to reply to such a perverse letter.

However, as I am acting on behalf of, and at the request of a number of my constituents not just myself, I would suggest that before he makes any more illfounded comments he goes to the trouble of obtaining some basic knowledge of the whole history of Malvern wheelie bins.

Perhaps he would care to come to Malvern and actually see where wheelie bins are to go, and also meet some of the binmen who carried out the initial wheelie bins policy that Malvern had at great expense some years ago.

These men would love to meet you, Mr Shenton.

As for change, I am all for change, but not if it is for something that has already been done and a great deal of money lost in the process.

Upton Council were looking for more councillors a little while ago.

Perhaps Mr Shenton could put himself forward. Then if he got elected, he could speak for his electorate. Perhaps that is wishful speaking.