SNOW joke. It seems preposterous to me, the implementation of the gritting.

Months of planning, stockpiling and concerned faces about when the weather was going to hit, and I feel that they fumbled it.

Malvern Hills District Council did a fine job of the main roads.

Beautifully clear.

As a cyclist, I was pleased with it.

But there is one pressing issue as a council tax payer I must raise...the fact that you couldn’t get to your vehicle safely, let alone pull out to get to the main road safely.

There is an answer to this.

Placing public access grit boxes near all the roads they feel they cannot reach with their trucks. And Festival Housing should liaise on this matter, and muck in, too!

There is no argument.

There is liability towards public safety, yet the pavements get missed.

And what do you think you need to walk on when the side road is impassable?

Communities need to pull together in these times.

But that does not excuse the council’s ridiculous half-a-job.

In places, the ramp caused on junction roads to main roads was six inches, mainly ice, in most cases, downhill.

What did they think would happen?

LEE SMITH Poolbrook