I CANNOT believe the column inches, including the front page headline ‘Listen, we just don't want these wheelies’, given to Mike Charles last week in the Gazette.

Having moved here from previous homes in both Worcester and more recently Herefordshire, my wife and I cannot understand all the fuss.

A couple of facts for Councillor Charles might not go amiss...

1. The scheme in Worcester has been going for several years now and although there was considerable discourse at the introduction, most residents I believe would not be without them.

2. For the elderly who say “they are too cumbersome to put out”, ask the council for an exemption.

3. As for the very thin excuse “people had their bins running away down the hill and it was a complete and utter disaster” then I am afraid that does not wash.

Having come from Herefordshire where there were more hills than just the Malverns, city, urban and country dwellers all coped fine.

4. You also need to consider the binmen themselves. With the introduction of bins there will be a considerable reduction in muscoskeletal injuries.

5. Finally councillor, you might want to see large piles of black bags piled up on collection days, but I for one do not, and I am sure there are many like me.

Let’s stop these stupid “we don’t want attitudes”

and encompass them when the service arrives.