I HAVE been following the correspondence in these columns concerning the Pytel installation of buzzards in Rosebank Gardens with close attention.

And now feel obliged to write in myself, to say how uncalled for are Jean Evan’s comments about Jo Raynor’s letter of December 14. This was an honest, if emotional, expression of her negative reaction to the sculpture, and one for which I have great sympathy.

Jean Evans has expressed her admiration for the work, which she is perfectly entitled to do. But sadly it would seem that she does not feel that those of us who do not share her opinion are entitled to express the opposite view.

Dismissing such views as ‘sour grapes’. What impertinence!

There will always be a divergence of opinion about individual works of art, especially those installed in public spaces, paid for with public money, and with which we all then have to live.

This begs a wider question than the one posed by Jo Raynor. And it is one which members of the councils (district, town or both) have yet to grasp the importance of addressing i.e. just how, and by whom, should public works of art be commissioned?

In addition, and while the mood is on me, I take this opportunity to express the view that it was a great pity neither of the Malvern councils had any members with the imagination and foresight to arrange the purchase of the home of the late lamented Miss Catherine Moody, daughter of the distinguished artist and teacher, Victor Moody.

The purchase would have been to the lasting benefit of the town, even the nation.