LAST week’s report on homes for the Lamb site suggests a large majority of residents in favour of reopening the Lamb.

This is simply not true. It had precious few customers for the years until it closed, most music events were largely supported by people outside the village, it lost money for years hence the appalling condition of cooking and toilet facilities, and events there cause noise and disruption to residents.

Pubs only survive if they have a genuine viable role,whether good food,major contribution to the local community,or perhaps of historic or amenic value. None apply.

I think Mark Haslam of Camra has a view that any hostelry should be open if it offers real ale, per se, but he ignores the role of profitablity, and its surely more commercially prudent to see one pub in West Malvern viable than two spreading a thin clientele between them?

He’s never been persuaded of this point of view, but he, like many who clamour when a pub closes, is unable to step forward to answer the question of whether he would run it with his own money, or is there a genuine demand for it?

There hasn’t been for years, so where is the change? Close it, eliminate the eyesore, and move on.



West Malvern