I READ with interest in the Malvern Gazette that the old Conservative club beneath the Great Malvern post office is being resurrected as a much needed music and arts venue for those of us grown-up enough to appreciate a night out without being lobotomised by discos or having drunken teenagers vomiting on the pavement at closing time.

Since the closure of the club back in 2005, along with the demise of a number of local music venue pubs, there has been little opportunity for musicians to perform live in the area or for local people to enjoy live music other than at the occasional open mic night.

I would also like to take this opportunity to address those local folk who seemingly oppose the idea of any kind of local performance venue, regardless of whereabouts in Malvern it is situated.

Live music is a vital element in social life.

Furthermore, those detractors should be aware that discos and DJs playing pre-recorded music, for which they need no local authority approval, often employ far more powerful systems (and play for longer periods of time) than today’s live players.

Even back in ‘the good old days’ there was always some opposition from the older generation who seemed to view Malvern mainly as a place to come to so they could die in peace.

Presumably most have now done so.

I look forward to supporting the venue once it is operational and hope many of you will do the same.

PAUL WHITE Malvern Link