PREPARATIONS seem to be under way yet again for another attempt to put a housing development on the most beautiful approach into Malvern – along Guarlford Road, which is bounded by wide verges under the care of the Conservators.

I can’t imagine that many people will think that a housing development there will be in the best interests of the town and I hope that the Conservators will remember that their main job is to conserve and protect the natural beauty of this very special area.

It is within the Conservators’ power to block any development because the field in question is surrounded by their land. Even if the developer were to come up with some ideas which might at face value be to the Conservators’ advantage, nothing could compensate for the destruction of the tranquillity of this area of the Malvern Hills.

As the Conservators’ website states, it is their duty to prevent encroachments on these areas, and an access road which might serve about 200 houses certainly constitutes an encroachment.