WITH no substitutes and the goalkeeper unavailable, the odds were stacked against Welland and although they dominated possession they suffered their worst ever defeat.

All the early play belonged to Welland who were unlucky to fall behind. The referee saw one of his players pushed and awarded a free-kick just outside Welland’s box. The ball had a free path into the net as Welland’s goalkeeper was shoved out of the way. The injustice spurred Welland on and they were soon level when a great cross from Sam Whitton was turned in by an opposition defender. Welland’s pressure continued but Evesham’s keeper kept them at bay. Just before half-time, Welland were fully exposed when Evesham broke and scored on a counter-attack.

Evesham’s lead increased after the break with some sloppy defending on a corner.

Welland continued to press but again proved vulnerable on the counter when they lost another goal after conceding possession in midfield.

Lewi Hobbs tried his best to shore up the defence but the team started to tire and Evesham brought on fresh legs.