Well this is something new for me. My two children have got me into the world of Facebook although I am not quite on Twitter yet and I am looking at getting a new mobile that has ‘gadgets’ on it! It is more difficult now as they have both left home and I can’t just say ‘what do I do with…….?’ I think that it would be best to start with who I am and how I got here. I am the Worcester City Geographic Commander. A very grand title – which basically means that I am the Local Policing Inspector for the whole of Worcester. My teams are all the Local Policing Teams in Worcester and the now expanded City Centre Team.

I joined West Mercia over 30 years ago and spent my first two years on foot patrol in Shrewsbury. In those days you did not go anywhere near a vehicle until you had completed your probation, unless some kind soul picked me up to get warm on a really cold day and then just as I was nicely toasted – would throw me back out!

I transferred to Droitwich when I got married and then, after having a baby, had to leave. In those days (I sound like my mother) there wasn’t the child care around or work/life balance as there is now, and not having family around me, a husband who worked shifts, there was no other decision to make.

I rejoined the police when I could and from there worked between Droitwich, Worcester and our HQs.

I really do not know where the time has gone, especially when I look at my children who are now adults and are successfully making their own way in this world.

Well enough of reminiscing, ask me anything that you want to – as long as it’s polite of course. I am known for my honesty (which does sometimes get me into trouble!) and if I don’t know the answer I will do my best to find out. Enjoy the upcoming festivities – be careful – be good – be safe!