How can it already be time to write the latest Malvern blog!

November 13th saw us blessed with glorious sunshine, and the whole district was bathed in warmth.

The Remembrance Parades are probably one of my favourite duties through out the calendar.

I started in Upton in the morning where I was approached by a very nice lady from Upton in Bloom who told me that she had read my blog.

So that probably makes an audience of one!

The children from Upton upon Severn Primary School were a credit as they proudly marched alongside the community members who had joined the Parade which culminated in a very moving service at the church.

The afternoon was spent in Malvern where the wreaths were laid at the memorial followed by a march to the Abbey.

I had the absolute pleasure of marching with some very mature ex soldiers one of whom in his mobility scooter was escorted by a colleague whom he fondly referred to as “the Colonel”. Gentlemen if you are reading this - “ thank you for your company!”

Once again the Abbey service did the town proud and the whole atmosphere was a mixture of sobriety and pride.

On a more sombre note the theft of lead continues to plague not only our Community but the nation as a whole.

In Malvern I have ensured we have dedicated patrols and we are working hard to try and establish where this stolen property is being disposed.

Pleasingly we have recovered some lead this week after a sharp eyed Special Constable alerted us to a suspicious vehicle and three males are currently on bail.

We have also had an eagle-eyed member of the public alert us to a male on a roof and at present that male too is assisting us with our enquiries.

Hopefully you will have seen the Team out and about promoting our “Lighten up” campaign. Please consider the use of a timer switch to make sure your home looks occupied at all times and provides you with a welcome when you return.

Our annual “Drink Drive “Campaign is well under way. People often ask me how much is “safe” to drink if they are driving.

My answer is always “NONE”.

Please please don’t risk everything for the sake of a drink. On a lighter note the month started off very much as the last ended with reports relating to animals!

Calls regarding a donkey on the loose kept us busy over a two-day period.

Some helpful sole did suggest that it was setting off to Bethlehem but luckily a much loved pet was reunited with a much relieved owner. Never a dull moment!

On a final note it only remains for me to wish you all a very safe and merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.