A DRUNKEN passer-by who attacked a parked car in Madresfield Road, Malvern, has been jailed for 18 months.

The owner was celebrating his birthday by visiting his fiancée and was in a nearby house when Paul Curran went on his wrecking spree, said prosecutor Andrew Wilkins.

He began by kicking in the door panels of the Ford Fiesta and then smashed the windscreen and poured beer into the interior.

Curran, aged 22, of Elgar Avenue, Malvern, pleaded guilty at Worcester Crown Court to causing criminal damage and breaching the terms of a suspended sentence.

Mr Wilkins said that after the assault on the car at 7.20pm on August 18, Curran went round the corner and kicked the garden fence of an elderly couple.

He threatened the wife that he would return to torch the house and rape her. The damage to the car was £973.

Curran had been given a 12-month jail sentence suspended for two years after being involved in an affray.

Samantha Lamsdale, defending, said Curran struggled with alcohol. He had drunk to excess at a barbecue at his brother’s home and could remember little of what followed. He showed genuine remorse.

Judge John Cavell activated the suspended sentence and added six months for the damage and failing to comply with the previous court order.