A LOCAL care home is celebrating a successful year of collaboration with the RSPCA to provide animals for therapy.

The Chace Rest Home, in Chase Road, Upper Welland, has two rabbits, Stanley and Fidget, and a guinea pig named Zippie, all of re-homed with them by the RSPCA.

It also has another guinea pig, George, and two chickens that have been donated by local families.

Manager Lynne Burton said residents benefit from having the animals around in several ways.

“They are able to engage in purposeful activities during the day including food preparation, feeding, grooming and cleaning out of hutches, while some just like to sit and watch the animals being busy or sunbathing,” she said.

“Being able to hold and stroke the animals is very beneficial as it gives comfort as well as being relaxing. This can also stimulate conversations about childhood and family pets which promotes wellbeing. It also enables people to express their emotions by sharing experiences both happy and sad about the pets they have had over the years.”

The animals were the centre of attention as it held a successful family day, which was supported by Malvern woman Stella Hewett and her assistance dog Jenson, provided by the Canine Partners charity.

RSPCA re-homing officer Margaret Layland said: “I'm really pleased to be part of the project. It enables me to re-home some of our rescued animals and I am able to witness the comfort that the pets give to the residents.”