A FIRE engulfed 100 square metres of grass in a field.

The blaze erupted in the corner of Hayslan field, next to Sunrise, in Malvern, at 7.30pm on Tuesday, April 18.

A fire crew from Malvern used water backpacks to extinguish the blaze.

Terri Cottrell, aged 23, saw the fire while walking her two Jack Russell dogs, Pippa, aged six, and Alfie, two.

"I turned the corner and saw the fire. I got chatting to a couple that rang the fire brigade," she said.

"They live over the back of the field. Nobody expects to see a fire behind their garden.

"The fire just started spreading because of the dry grass. We saw the fire service arrive - they sprayed water from their backpacks.

"They couldn't get the fire engine onto the fields."

Ms Cottrell, who works as a waitress and lives in Matravers Road, Malvern, said the fire was extinguished by 7.50pm.