A PROPOSED rowing lake in Upton could double in size.

The proposed water sports facility will make use of a lake left by a mineral extraction project when digging ends in roughly seven years' time.

Maurice Stanley, captain of Upton Rowing Club, now says the rowing lake could be extended from 600 metres to 1,200 metres.

Mr Stanley says Cemex, which is carrying out the mineral extraction, is applying for permission to expand its operation into Fish Meadow, which would make the lake much bigger.

The original application proposed the extraction of 1.4m tonnes of sand and gravel from Ryall's Court, in Upton.

Upton Town Council has sent a letter of support to Worcestershire County Council, backing the vision for the extended rowing lake.

Mr Stanley said: "We are helping to design a revised restoration scheme which would be more conducive to other sports and activities as well as wildlife.

"The original plan was about 600 metres with an artificial headland which made the usable area only about 300 metres.

"The revised application would have a water area of about 1,200 metres, which would mean we could run 1,000 metre sprint races.

"This is the standard distance used in juniors, masters and para-rowing. It's great that the town council have backed the project.

"This hopefully will be of great benefit to the town and it's great to see they are giving us their support."

The letter of support from the town council was sent during a recent consultation on the Worcestershire County Council Minerals Local Plan.

It is hoped that recognition in the local plan will help any future planning application to extend the lake.

Cllr Peter Webb, of Upton Town Council, said: "I think a thousand metre rowing lake would be an amazing thing for Upton.

"It would bring an awful lot of business into the town. I think we should support this fully as proposed. We can't tell Cemex to do it, but I think they are prepared."

Worcestershire County Council signed off on the extraction project last year and the conceptual plan for the rowing lake was revised in January.

Cemex confirmed it is looking to expand its operation.