STUDENTS from Malvern have earned First Class Honours degrees after completing their studies at the University of Worcester.

Anna Lister, 23, and Claire Berrow, 33, were among the group of high achievers, all of whom will graduate at Worcester Cathedral in November this year.

Anna Lister, a former Malvern College pupil who studied Fine Art at the university, said: "Achieving a first class degree was a huge personal achievement as I completed the final year of my degree as a new, single mother.

“I transferred from another university to complete my degree at Worcester and it was the best decision I could have made - the staff and fellow students were understanding of my situation and really supportive of my decision to pursue my studies.

“I began my final year with not very much confidence but the staff and students I worked with at the university really turned that around for me."

Tom Byard, Lisa Hodson, and Becky Nurse were also among the students from the town who gained firsts.

Claire Berrows, a Midwifery student, said: “I was pleased to have received a first class degree, it felt like all the hard work had been worth it. I was very proud of myself.”

University of Worcester Vice Chancellor, Professor David Green, said: “This year, more than 250 University of Worcester students earned first class honours. This is a tribute to their hard work and talent together with the university’s ability to help students thrive."

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