THE lead singer of Dodgy is looking forward to feeling at home when he performs at this year's Malvern Rocks.

Nigel Clark is stepping out in a solo show as part of the third instalment of the festival which returns to 17 venues throughout the town from Friday to Sunday, July 25-27.

He's looking forward to his set at the Great Malvern Hotel on the final night at 10pm before Freaky Trigger and the Malvern Rocks All Stars deliver the wrap party at 11pm.

"I've never played there before and to be closing the weekend is a real privilege," he said.

Nigel, who originally hails from Redditch, feels drawn to the Malvern Hills and all that goes with them, with their influence seeping into Dodgy's music.

"I travel a lot these days and there's no prettier sight than seeing the Malverns as I drive up and down the M5 towards home.

"We have a new song on our next album about hills and it mentions the Malverns and how they watch over us and ultimately give us strength by understanding mankind's weakness. Pretty abstract but beautiful all the same."

Dodgy recorded their latest album, Stand Up In A Cool Place, in nearby Severn Stoke and a couple of the tracks making reference to the hill range, something Nigel says is down to his purchase of a book entitled The Folklore of Worcestershire.

"As you get older, ironically one gets more into history and I found lots of stories/folklore that could be made into song. As I'm from Worcestershire it's important that I embrace its culture both past, present and possibly future - who knows?"

His setlist will draw from his solo albums, Make Believe Love and 21st Century Man, a few covers and some Dodgy numbers.

"I always admire solo artists as it takes such a lot to stand up on stage and bare your soul or innermost feelings to an audience. Its not easy and that is why we do it."

Bands from the Three Counties will be joined by those from as far away as Doncaster, Brighton and London, while revellers can enjoy official Malvern Rocks ales from Malvern Hills Brewery and the Friday Beer Co.

Festival badges, wristbands and t-shirts are also available.

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