A policeman who seduced two vulnerable women victims and had sex with them while he was on duty was jailed for eighteen months today.

Ian Langford, who has an 11 year old daughter, was a first response officer who met both the women in the line of duty and had affairs with them both - while still married to his first wife.

One of the women was involved in a neighbour's dispute when Langford was sent to see her. His relationship with her lasted for a year.

The other woman was a victim of domestic abuse and Langford had sex with her three times during a two month period - while still bedding the first woman.

Langford had sweet talked them both into bed by paying them compliments at a time when they were very vulnerable because of what was going on in their lives, said prosecutor Janine Wood at Gloucester crown court.

It was not the first time he had seduced a woman he met through his job - he had done it with a domestic abuse victim in 2008 and was reprimanded by his force.

But the warning did not deter him from seducing the other two women four years later, the prosecution said,

Langford, 46, of Church View, Tewkesbury, Glos, who has resigned from West Mercia police since his arrest, pleaded guilty to two offences of misconduct in public office in that "while acting as a constable he improperly used his office to engage in an acquaintanceship and intimate relationship and engage in sexual activity while on duty."

The charge relating to the first woman, from Hereford, was dated between 11th May and 1st August 2012 while the second charge, relating to a woman from Ledbury, was between 11th June 2012 and 30th June 2013.

Jailing Langford, Judge Jamie Tabor QC said he had chosen to seduce the Hereford woman 'when she was at her most vulnerable.'

When their brief affair came to an end Langford abused his position to get her mobile phone number from the police computer and make contact with her again, the judge said.

The Ledbury woman had also been vulnerable because she was involved in a difficult neighbours' dispute which resulted in a court case, the judge said.

"That case was compromised when it came to trial because the defendant let it be known that you were having an affair with the principal prosecution witness," said Judge Tabor.

"Nothing could demonstrate better why police officers have to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner. The result is that both your victims feel deeply let down.

"More importantly, they feel distrustful of the police. "

The judge said the aggravating features of Langford's offences were:

*The fact he had ignored the 2008 'warning shot', *The use of his position to obtain private information, *Targeting women when they were at their most vulnerable, *Compromising a court case, and, most seriously *Breaching public trust in the police.

"Your behaviour has brought the police service into disrepute," said the judge.

"There must be a powerful message sent out to all police officers that behaviour of this type is wholly unacceptable and will be punished severely."

Janine Wood, prosecuting, said he met the Ledbury woman in June 2012 when she was involved in a neighbour dispute that led to a court case.

"Initially he was helpful and supportive after meeting her," said Ms Wood. "He listened to her worries and concerns. He then began complimenting her inappropriately and gave her his email address and told her it was an address his wife didn't know about.

"He asked if he could kiss her. The relationship progressed. It was an entirely consensual relationship which continued until June 2013 when she discovered he was engaged to be married to the lady who is now his second wife."

Ms Wood said the woman kept a journal of their sexual activity and police were able to compare it with the GPRS tracker on his radio and confirm he was at her address at the times she logged.

"They confirmed he was at her house while he was on duty," said Ms Wood.

Judge Tabor commented "She recalled his radio going off on occasions while they were together."

Ms Wood said there were also explicit texts talking about what happened between Langford and the woman confirming he was on duty. He texted saying he had to take the police car back to the station or that he had been called away.

In a victim impact statement the woman said "I am saddened, distressed and, not misusing the word at all, depressed by these events.

She went on "I thought it felt safe with him but he has left me with an endorsed belief among ordinary people like me that the ol stereotypical view of dodgy policemen is still very much alive and thriving, especially when it comes to vulnerable women."

Ms Wood confirmed that as a result of the officer's relationship with the woman the case against her neighbour did not proceed because the defence found Langford had been 'carrying on with her.'

Ms Wood said the victim also said in her statement that she was left wondering "why did he do this, for kicks or thrills, while supposed to be on police duty."

The prosecutor said the second woman was visited by Langford in May 2012 after she made a complaint of domestic abuse and he began complimenting her immediately.

He later contacted her on Facebook knowing "that she was vulnerable, having suffered years of abuse from her partner."

She went on "He gave her compliments and support. A sexual relationship began very soon afterwards, "

After they had sex three times the woman ended the relationship and changed her phone number - but Langford obtained it from police date and contacted her in a bid to start seeing her again but she turned him down.

In a statement the woman said she felt 'sickened' when she looked back on the affair and realised how vulnerable she was at the time.

"He was an authorative figure in our community and he took advantage of me when he should have been protecting me," she stated.

Simon Hunka, defending, said Langford has shown great remorse and shame at his behaviour and did not even try to excuse it.

Langford had seduced the women but had not been predatory or pressurised them at all, he said.

He asked the court to take into account the effect jailing Langford would have on his 11 year old daughter and his new wife. He and his wife would soon lose their home if he was not able to keep earning from his new low-paid part time work, he said

Langford was now himself a 'fragile' man receiving treatment for depression, he added.