TWO BURGLARS in white hooded tops raided a Malvern scale business taking an estimated "£15,000" worth of goods, and even tea bags and a six pint of milk.

11 sets of scales, a computer, a computer monitor, power tools and a cash box containing "around £160" were taken before the thieves raided the kitchen area and took the milk out of the fridge and a number of tea bags of Spring Lane based, Positive Weighing Solutions.

Lucy Poole, managing director of Positive Weighing Solutions, said: "It was horrible coming into work and seeing the mess that had been left. The front door was smashed and there were files and paperwork everywhere,. as well as draws open.

"We watched the CCTV back, and seeing them lurking round my car in the car park, come through the door and then ransacking the office felt like such an invasion and violation.

"Watching them walk round my desk and touch my things was horrible. I cleaned it all straight away because it just felt so disgusting.

"I'd estimate they took around £15,000 worth of equipment from us, and now I worry and feel vulnerable because they've been here once and know what's here now.

"It's a very secluded area which is probably why them hit us here. They were so brazen about it, they didn't seem to have a care in the world. They were inside my premises for around half an hour.

"I have built this company up over seven years, and we now operate on an nation-wide. It's been a lot of hard work and to think somebody just came in and nearly ruined me in one night and one act like this is awful."

The computer that was stolen contains databases of clients, orders, finances among other important information, and Miss Poole says if that data is not retrieved via the server or the computer it will effect the business.

CCTV cameras, belonging to Miss Poole, captured images and footage of the attack. Police confirmed the attack on the premises happened between 11pm on Wednesday, May 21, and 1am on Thursday, May 22, after they gained access to the rear of the building by climbing over the fence from the rugby pitch.

Anyone with information is urged to call 101, quoting crime reference number 069-S-220514.

Miss Poole says this attack will not deter herself, or her service manager Shaun Williams. "It's a horrible thing to have happened, but we will just have to get back to where we were. "These people will not break our spirit. We are stronger than that and have worked too hard to come this far."