THIS was the scene at a deadly lake where two young men died last year as people heed the message not to swim.

Despite the hot weather last week fewer people have visited Gullet Quarry, near Castlemorton, and wardens saw no-one swimming last weekend.

Malvern Hills Conservators, which owns the quarry, hopes it stays that way with half-term approaching.

Director Stephen Bound said there was no room for complacency, and Conservators wardens will continue to warn people not to enter the lake.

Following last year's deaths, the Conservators commissioned the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents to come up with ideas to make the quarry safer.

The ideas included better fences and signs, a rescue line, and planting thorny shrubs to obstruct access to some areas of the quarry. They were put in place earlier this year.

Mr Bound said: "We had wardens at the Gullet most of Friday and all of Saturday and Sunday. They were talking to people and while they were there, no-one went into the water. It's also clear that the number of people going there is well down on what we were seeing last year.

"But we won't be complacent, and we will continue the increased patrols, especially as next week is half-term."

He said police had also agreed to patrol the area while the weather remained warm, and community safety officers from the fire brigade are expected to visit.

Fire service spokeswoman Samantha Jones said: "We are intending to carry out awareness visits to the quarry, particular during the school summer holidays. The purpose of the visits is to raise awareness about the dangers of swimming in open water as people often don’t realise the potential consequences."

However, not everyone seems to be heeding the safety calls.

Julie Bolton, of Suckley, saw some people in the lake while she was riding in the area on Friday evening.

She said: "I think it was about 7pm and there were several people and a dog splashing around in the shallow end of the lake."

22-year-old Justas Juzenas from Ross-on-Wye and Russell O’Neill, aged 17, of Worcester, both died at the Gullet after getting into trouble in the lake.

The deaths happened within a week of each other in July .

Three other people have died there since 1995.