UMBRELLAS will be up this weekend in Worcestershire as the county is set for sunshine and showers.

But the bank holiday will not be a complete wash out with some brightness and sunny spells expected on Sunday and Monday.

Paul Michaelwaite, of, in Pershore, said there would be a band of heavy and thundery storms overnight which would clear away this morning (Friday) before more showers returned.

"There maybe some drier slots at times but showers in the afternoon," he said. "Temperatures maybe a bit of a humid feel about 15C and it will be a little bit muggy.

"Saturday looks pretty horrible. There will be lots and lots of showers merging together for some longer spells of rain and some thundery storms as well.

"Generally not one of the best days in the weekend, it could go down as the worst one. It's probably a day to do what you've got to do indoors.

"If we're lucky, we might get into the teens but with the extra cloud and rain it might stick at 11C or 12C."

But the weather expert said that Sunday and Monday would see an improvement with a bit more sunshine.

"Sunday will be a bit better," he said. "There maybe a few showers around but isolated ones, just a scattering. There will be a fair bit of cloud but hopefully a bit of sunshine.

"Temperatures will be in the low teens but maybe mid-teens if we get some decent amount of sunshine."

He added that Monday would be the best day of the weekend and temperatures could even reach 18C.

"There's the risk of shower but it will be warmer and a bit more sunshine. Either way we should get away with a fair bit of sunshine. If you want to go and spend time outside, do it early in the day as the day goes on, the risk of shower goes a bit higher.

"But as bank holidays go, we've seen worse."