A CENTRE providing disabled young people with stimulating days enjoyed a birthday treat when the Mayor of Worcester joined their party.

The Myriad Centre has been giving youngsters and their families a service of purposeful days, flexible care and a bridge to the future for seven years in St George's Walk and cllr Pat Agar was given a tour of the facility and met some of the centre's clients on Friday, April 11.

Cllr Agar was able to visit the centre's activity rooms while some of the clients marked the occasion with various craft activities before thanking the major with a card and a posy of flowers.

Sarah McCammon, the centre's commercial manager, said: "We were really pleased to have her. It was quite a milestone for us because not only was it a celebration of seven years of operating really well, it was a case of 'now we have reached seven years, what's the next stage?'

"She was quite empathetic because she has worked in a women's centre, so she had a natural affinity with what we are doing."

Ms McCammon added: "She totally appreciated what we are doing and the challenges we face."

The centre acts as a lifeline for parents and their children, and currently has more than 30 families using their services in addition to having more on a waiting list.

It is open 51 weeks of the year and relies on public support to continue its work.

For more information, go to myriadcentre.co.uk.