THE new intake of graduates at Malvern defence giant QinetiQ received a traditional English welcome - afternoon tea with the local MP.

West Worcestershire's Harriett Baldwin sat down for a cuppa with the group to celebrate National Science and Engineering Week and formally welcomed them to Malvern. The dozen graduates are starting their careers at QinetiQ having completed degrees in sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. As well as carrying out important research work for the company, some will become ambassadors for QinetiQ and visit local schools to promote careers in science and engineering.

Mrs Baldwin said: "It is great to see so many young people choosing to follow careers in science and engineering and even better to see such impressive young people moving to Malvern. The QinetiQ site has been home to some of the most brilliant brains of the last century. I was pleased to meet the next generation of brilliant brains for Malvern. I would like to congratulate QinetiQ on its work to encourage students into science and engineering careers and also on its campaign to support the national apprenticeship drive with its Five Per Cent Club."

QinetiQ managing director Jeremy Ward added: "We were delighted to welcome Harriett Baldwin to Malvern and particularly pleased she was able to meet some of our talented graduates at the start of National Science and Engineering Week. We are very proud of our young employees at QinetiQ and our graduates in Malvern are really helping to contribute to the town's reputation as a leading UK hub in Cyber. QinetiQ is committed to helping our younger employees become the future leaders of tomorrow as they are 'people who know how' with the right skills to succeed."