WHAT can you do when a £109,000 super car is sitting unsold on your forecourt?

For one dealership the answer was simple: call in an expert team of sales people in the form of ninety year 6 pupils from Cherry Orchard primary school.

The youngsters have agreed to create an advertising campaign to sell the Audi R8 Spyder convertible and, if successful, Audi South Hereford garages who currently owns the car, will share some of the profits with the school.

The pupils behind the three best campaigns will win the chance to pitch their ideas to Audi director Charles Richards and his colleagues in their boardroom and the winner will have the chance to put their advertising campaign into action.

The idea comes after news reports that two children in Somerset had sold their parents house after creating flyers and handing them out in the local community.

As part of the sales campaign, pupils from class 6SLB spoke to your Worcester News about the project.

Hannah Bince, aged 10, said: "We are trying to create a convincing advert for the Audi R8 to sell it to an audience of business people."

Ella Hart, aged 11, said: "We are taking pictures and using them in iMovie to create an advert for 30 to 40-year-olds."

Baeli Fern, aged 11, added: "We are trying to use pictures in detail so that if anyone has a look at the movie they know what speed it goes at and what it looks like."

Amaash Lone, aged 11, said: "After the three teams go into the boardroom and based on which is picked to run a sales event in the area, then we plan to sell the Audi R8 for £109,000."

The class also shared what they thought were the key selling points for the car.

Phoebe Ellis-Tait, aged 11, said: "There's a really great SatNav in the car and the seats are heated and they are really comfy and it feels so nice when you sit in it."

Princess Bowkett, aged 10, said: "The car runs smoothly and it also has a leather steering wheel and a 5.2 litre engine."

Lee Card, deputy head at the Timberdine Road school, said: "This project fits in with our new curriculum in which we try to get the children a real audience and purpose for their work.

"It enhances the level of engagement the children give to their work.

"It's happening across the school."